LUCOEX / Work Package 6

Management and dissemination

Task 6.1. Setting up and operating the Organisation for coordination of LUCOEX

SKB acts as Coordinator and supplies supporting staff (controller, secretariat, QA/QC support and environmental management support) as well as office facilities with necessary equipment for setting up the LUCOEX “coordination office” (M6.1).

Task 6.2 Project Presentation

One part of the Communication Action Plan (WP1) is the Project Presentation document (M6.2 and D6.1) that will be compiled in accordance to the Commission´s guidelines in a way that makes it possible to update it when appropriate.

Task 6.3 Newsletter

The Communication Action Plan (WP1) will also address how the project Newsletters will be designed (M6.4, M6.5, M6.6, M6.7 and D6.3, D6.5, D6.6, D6.9) and when they will be prepared. This WP covers the production of these Newsletters.

Task 6.4 Web-site portal

A two-way communication place will be set-up with a public part and a project part (M6.3 and D6.2). The public part will contain information on progress in the project as well as announcements about e.g. publications, events and possibility of student training. It will also have place for interactive communication between portal visitors and the project. The project part will allow access for persons with codes only and contain all project documents. Working documents will be accessible for on-line contribution or reviewing.

The Coordinator manages the dedicated web-site portal and is responsible for the updates of the virtual forums with relevant information on events and activities. Parts of the total documentation will be published on the public part of this web site. Providing frequent updates are foreseen to consume a large part of the co-ordinator´s time.

Task 6.5. Support for Production of necessary documentation regarding LUCOEX work and activities

The Coordinator will be engaged in the production of necessary administrative (periodic and final) reports for submission to the Commission and documentation of LUCOEX work and activities (M6.8 and D6.4, D6.7, D6.8)The Coordinator will contract layout design and publication of the document following the Commission´s guidelines. Further the Coordinator will see to the publication of open material and all public deliverables on the web site of LUCOEX and Posiva for those related to WP5 and thereby on a knowledge repository according to an open access process. These web sites will remain open for 5 years after the end of the LUCOEX grant agreement. Restricted materials are submitted and finalised on the restricted part of the web site. Deliverables are forwarded after quality assurance and Steering Committee approval to the Commission by electronic means to

  • Localization: Sweden
  • Facility SKB main office
  • WP-manager: Jan Gugala